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PNI's focus is in driving profitable growth through holistic global business transformations and turnarounds across key areas such as digital, customer experience, sales & marketing, culture/organizational health, decision-making, operations, M&A, and employee engagement. Our value proposition and key differentiation point is that we focus on the complete life cycle of global business transformations - from identification to implementation. Simply, we not only identify the underlying problem and create a recommendation but we also take a key stakeholder position in the implementation phase. This ensures results are impactful, sustainable, and fully embedded within the company for both short and long-term benefit.

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In its most basic form, our process consists of three core steps, specifically: (1) identification and diagnostic stage, (2) creation of the transformation roadmap, and (3) implementation across the organization (See Exhibit 1). Simply, we believe that to be successful, companies need not only a well-defined recommendation and strategic PowerPoint presentation, but also a tactical, boots on the ground implementation team and/or interim executive leading the transformation to ensure the right levers are implemented. This ensures the formation of both actionable insights and timely results. We serve clients at every level of the organization, whether as an interim executive, a trusted advisor to top management, or as a hands-on coach to front line employees. PNI has a proven track record of unlocking significant value for Fortune 500 corporations, private equity shops, government entities, and professional service organizations. We help clients reduce costs by 17 to 36 percent, increase revenues by 22 to 43 percent, improve margins by up to 2x, and improve shareholder returns by 28 to 77 percent (see Results section for additional detail). To review our client services by function please navigate below.

Services by Function

Our organizational health, culture, and employee transformations ensure ownership, company wide adoption rate, sustainability, and significant revenue and profit growth, including up to 4X ROI

Our digital transformation engagements drive significant growth, innovation, and organizational success ensuring distinctive (1) employee empowerment, (2) product differentiation & (3) customer experience

Our customer experience work ensures top customer engagement/loyalty, top quartile net promoter scores, and a pain-point free customer journey, equating to revenue increases by 12% and greater

We help clients improve their decision-making protocols via debiasing initiatives, resulting in 8 to 15 percent improvement in ROI and ~29 percent increase in the likelihood of exceeding targeted returns

Our sales transformations includes key negotiation and behavioral science levers, allowing our clients to experience revenue improvements of 12 to 33 percent and margin increases from 6 to 17 percent

Our M&A and PE engagements optimize purchase price while ensuring target synergies are fully reached or exceeded, resulting in 28 to 77 percent higher RTSR and ~37 percent increase in deal closings

Our procurement and supply chain transformations help corporations achieve sustainable cost savings from 16 to 63 percent typically followed by additional cost savings of 2 to 4 percent annually

We help clients unlock key account value while improving the customer journey via elimination of negotiation pain points, enabling 11 to 17 percent revenue growth and 8 to 15 percent margin increase

We transform our client's proposal conversion rate by 21 to 59 percent, improve their margins per winning bid by 6 to 14 percent, and increase the revenue per winning proposal by 13 to 36 percent

Our contract transformations increase profits up to 31 percent, improve the likelihood of reaching an agreement by ~95 percent, and increase chances of Pareto efficiency by ~139 percent

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