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With often 85% of stagnant growth stemming from internal problems we leverage our trademarked “inside-out | bottoms-up” model to drive profound financial and cultural impact

Our digital transformation process is a deep-rooted, holistic methodology comprised of our proprietary nice-step process that unlocks significant and sustainable top and bottom line growth

Our service excellence transformations drive top quartile results across customer loyalty and employee engagement, ensuring improved customer lifetime value, advocacy, and ratings

Our M&A and PE engagements optimize purchase price while ensuring target synergies are fully reached or exceeded, resulting in 28 to 77 percent higher RTSR and ~37 percent increase in deal closings

Our sales transformations includes key negotiation and behavioral science levers, allowing our clients to experience revenue improvements of 12 to 33 percent and margin increases from 6 to 17 percent

We help clients improve their decision-making protocols via debiasing initiatives, resulting in 8 to 15 percent improvement in ROI and ~29 percent increase in the likelihood of exceeding targeted returns

We help clients unlock key account value while improving the customer journey via elimination of pain points, enabling 11 to 17 percent revenue growth and 8 to 15 percent margin increase 

Our contract transformations increase profits up to 31 percent, improve the likelihood of reaching an agreement by ~95 percent, and increase chances of Pareto efficiency by ~139 percent

We help clients increase their proposal conversion rate by 21 to 59 percent, improve margins per winning bid by 6 to 14 percent, and increase the revenue per winning proposal by 13 to 36 percent

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